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With many of us distracted by our busy lifestyles, we rarely have time to look up and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. By venturing outside on a blustery spring day in the UK, you can spot a ‘wild’ variety of wildlife that is often overlooked and unappreciated. Notice the squirrels chasing each other up trees and birds collecting supplies to help build their nests!

Spring is here and garden birds are busy collecting the last of their nest materials as over the next few weeks they will be incubating their eggs and preparing for the challenge of raising young chicks!

This can be a difficult process for your garden birds as spring is known for its damp and somewhat dangerous weather to the species; birds must have built sturdy nests to protect themselves from the elements for all of their offspring to survive.

To help your garden birds have the best chance of survival once their chicks are hatched, why not provide your garden visitors with food and shelter supplies that are readily available to them for when they leave their nests late spring with their chicks! Berries are a great source of vitamins which are perfect for providing the new parents with the energy they need to look after their brood, also ensure there is a water source available in case of dry weather spells where water may be lacking.

Although the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is over, with 8,262,662 birds spotted overall, why not take a walk this weekend and discover what birds have taken up residence in your neighbourhood?

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