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Jewel Aemones

The Jewel anemone is a beautiful sea creature with spectacular colours varying from bright green, red, orange, pink and white and has a smooth column. It looks rather flat and squat in appearance, a bit like a saucer-shaped disc, but it is surrounded by up to 100 short tentacles, each having a small knob at the end. The tentacles have strong contrasting colours varying from purple, blue and white. This contrast of colours makes these creatures look very jewel like, hence the name.

Jewel anemones reproduce asexually, which in its broadest sense means that they reproduce without the bonding of a male and female but by splitting, which creates clusters of identical coloured clones to form large colonies. They prefer fast flowing water and feed on invertebrates such as sea urchins, sea stars and others. They paralyse their prey by using poison inside the tentacles and then carry their prey to their mouth which is located in the centre of the tentacles.

Photo Credit: © Copyright Sally Sharrock
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